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jQuery Goodness at the Workshop in Raleigh, NC, September 6th - 7th

Posted on 18/8/08 by Tim Koschützki

Hey folks,

our upcoming Workshop in Raleigh, North Carolina (Sep 6th - 7th) just got even better:

Marc Grabanski, developer for the jQuery UI project and active blogger for the jQuery Community will be offering his jQuery knowledge to attendees in the second room. For those who missed the the workshop announcement post:

The main room will be used for talks about how one can rapidly develop applications using CakePHP, whereas in the second room all three speakers that are not presenting at the moment (+ Marc) will do informal talks, individual consulting, show some of their code and help clear up eventual questions.

So if you are still thinking back and forth about whether you should come: seats are filling up quickly and there are only a few left. With the addition of Marc, the workshop will be of even more value for everyone who wants to use CakePHP and jQuery in their web projects. The lead developers of the CakePHP team, the president of the Cake Software Foundation, and "ajax marc" from the jQuery UI Team will teach how to use these awesome tools the right way.

» Signup and grab one of the last seats.

-- Tim Koschuetzki aka DarkAngelBGE

PS: The addition of Marc will NOT change the price of a seat! He's a freebie ; p.


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Chris Love said on Aug 22, 2008:

Wow, I did not know there was going to be jQuery workshop in my hometown. I think I may have to go!

Marc Grabanski said on Aug 22, 2008:

Chris: This is actually a CakePHP conference, but they were letting people know as a, "bonus" I will be there to help people with jQuery.

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